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The Ascending Races

The Ascending races are descendents of Drow and Duerger who have chosen to leave their homes and clans in the Underdark, and come live as surface dwellers. They have been on the surface long enough to begin changing, slowing losing some traits and gaining new ones.

Upon leaving their clans, they have become far more self-aware than their evil brethren. They are all chaotic neutral in nature, looking inward and constantly torn between the evil of their ancestry and the desire to integrate with the good peoples of the surface.

Life is tough for the Ascending; nobody trusts them. The surface dwellers see them as only Drow and Duerger, while the denizens of the Underdark see them as turncoats and traitors. As a race they are nomadic; there is no place they can call home. As individuals they are most often solitary, finding it hard to trust each even their own. Their only desire is that their childrens’ children might someday be accepted and have a home on the surface.

In the meantime, they search for anything that can help calm their internal struggles…

Ascending Dwarf Racial Features (3rd Ed.) Ascending Elf Racial Features (3rd Ed.)
Ascending Dwarf Racial Features (2nd Ed. S&P) Ascending Elf Racial Features (2nd Ed. S&P)
Coming soon: Ascending Gnomes, based on Svirfneblin

Author: Chris Jones
Thanks To: Martin Lagomarsini for sanity checks
  Brian Powell for inspiration to make these
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